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Файловый архив Mass Effect: Andromeda для Windows: скачать моды/дополнения для Mass Effect: Andromeda, трейнеры Mass Effect: Andromeda, сохранение (save) Mass Effect: Andromeda, патчи, кряк, nocd, nodvd, чтоб без диска шло, редактор Mass Effect: Andromeda, игровые ресурсы Mass. Это fix файлы, которые помогут немного схитрить и запустят игру, без предварительной покупки лицензии. NoDVD Mass Effect: Andromeda был проверен на работоспособность.

All in all i just want to say thank you for pirating a copy of a game that actually deserves to be pirated. But i will be waiting till this game has all its updates because we all know the mess Bioware puts out. I am having issues, my version does not save the game. It does not even create a save folder. Does anyone have a fix for this? I played the game for over an hour to not be save. Does not solve the issue. This save funtion will be patched on the updates. There is a big patch coming out today. Yea that didnt do it for me. Creating the folder under Documents, Bioware/Mass Effect Andromeda.

I cant save for the life of me. Game does not start even after following instructions, it will only open origins and that’s it. We should preserve the original Launch version for history.

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Its too much comedy gold to let that get lost in time. Sara Ryder will forever be remembered in gaming history. Getting banished is very unlikely.

There’s no feature in Origin that would automatically report the wrongdoer so it’s pretty safe. But of course there’s a slight chance of getting into trouble if you’re being careless. Just remember to close Origin every time you’re playing the pirated version. It shouldn’t be a problem even if you have both a legal and a pirated version of the same game installed in your system, and usually you can transfer save files from one folder to another if there’s need for that, for example when you decide to buy the game you’ve already pirated.

The game works fine but when I change the graphics the game looks bad i’m not talking about the faces the environment looks bad like gta 1 I have hd 7870 the witcher 3 runs 80% option on ultra battlefield 1 doom 4 too and they look awesome. Unrar the files to the game folder. Go to the Game Menu and change the language. NOTE: Following these steps, all supported languages are selectable.

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Vá no Menu do jogo e mude o idioma. Seguindo esses passos, todos os idiomas suportados são selecionáveis. They have to crack the game all over again for updates. We might see them cracking GOTY edition with all updates some months from now. Dude I dont want to download 50 gigabytes all over again. Just upload DLC and Patch for CPY release and we be fine. It took me 2 days to download 50 gigabyte.

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Don’t wait, it’s not coming. They have to carck Denuvo all over again to get us the updates since they are also protected. They know how it works now, so It’s not hard to do it again. And there’s the patch 1. So They can do it again with the 1.

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This is the best site ever! As always, good job PCgames-download, best site ever! It was becasue of Denuvo that more developers started releasing games for PC. The people that are saying bye bye to Denuvo should also ready there good byes for big PC titles becasue they will limited to consoles. Caution, this game has made my other perfectly fine games disappeared into thin air. I’ve tried to copy the crack files after installation but windows keep prompt me about one of the file were being “open” in another program, then i proceed to uninstall the game then restart my pc intended to do a clean install and SURPRISE!

All my games installed in the same folder was GONE. Thank you very very much skids and cpy:)) you are amazing! Is there a chance you make a repack version?

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Hi, after extract the game you need mount the. After the install I can not start the game. It tries to open with origin. Have you paste the crack? Also you have to run MassEffectAndromeda.

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Anyone else having game freezing for like 10-15 seconds at enemy death? Happens after 1h of playing and i cant locate where problem is. You must wait for update patches.

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This happens to every one. Wait for update patches. The game has 20000 bugs. Wait for update patches. Cracked updates / patches are not coming (for now). Unless you buy the retail version. You need to save the game, then exit, and restart andromeda for it to go away. It seems to randomly happen after a few hours. Can you please guys help me. Whenever I start the game by quick start of any of the characters or customize one, I can’t get past the loading screen. I mean the bar finishes but the circle on the lower right side of the screen is still spinning.

It’s been like that for more than 1 hour. Too many bugs reported on many sites about this crap, I don’t even get to start a new game campaign cause the infinite loading screen bug! Just wait for a bunch of patches for a bunch of bugs! And why is there a duplicate Mass Effect Andromeda folder with ALL the files, if the installer already installs all the files in the Program Files (x86)? Are we meant to be applying this folder, along with the crack?

Update your windows and the graphic card driver, someone putted the links of the windows update in the comments here search it. I am still getting the black screen. Nothing is showing up at all, just the MEA window-mode. No buffering icon, no loading screen, just black. Thank you very much for this game, it works perfectly even if there are some bugs without the last patch 1. But not really importants for me. Awsome Work Guys you guys are always the first with the new games love it i wish you guys had a donate button so we could donate sometimes to support u guys Awsome job THnx For this Release.

I have a question, does this game has the latest patch? I mean, before this, the game has a lot of glitches, weird facial animations, and so on. I don’t want to download a game that is not finished.

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Well I tell you that, the game is okay in difficulty, powers and armament, I download it and I walk in version 1. Sometimes when traveling from 1 world to another is stuck and touches restart, after playing a while and kill Is crasea the game about 10 to 15 seconds, that error if it is annoying. It touches restart, the graphical part it looks like in bad quality that in high jajajja, my processor amd keeps in 50% I do not know that whores but of all the games this consumes me more, in the graph if 0 problems with my gtx 1060 6 gigas, let’s hope that patch cracked by CPY, or if it does not touch to buy it the truth is worth.

The game crashes every 1 hours on my computer.

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I just uninstalled it and deleted every thing. I do not think the update will come out this year. Just wait next year. I had the same problem what I did was downgraded the grachic card driver moved the game from the ssd to hdd with 100gb free space on it I disabled the blur effect from the game now the game works fine I can play 2 hours without the crashing bug. Uses new Denuvo version which is very hard to bypass so I don’t think there will be any improvement of this game version any time soon this year. Why using a old denuvo vers with the main game?

Only 1 month = lose of sales? Game works fine for me the only issue is that I did buy this game then returned it after not really enjoying it. Once i installed this origin keeps wanting to install updates to it. I have installed and cracked the game but every time I click on the. Exe file, a window opens (CPU utilization is increased) and then closes. The game doesn’t start. Need help please, game works fine except on certain cut scenes it freezes and my pc restarts and I don’t know why. PLZ help, happens every second cut scene at least.

I don’t know what happened but suddenly I can’t load any saved games because the Deep Space/Deluxe Edition packs have to be reinstalled/are missing? I have reinstalled the game and I still get the same error.

It got fixed after a 3rd reinstall 🙁 🙂 but the game becoming “choppy” is becoming a hassle (only started some time ago though did it start happening; usually happens when in combat it lags/freezes for a few seconds and then it happens again and again even out of combat) I’m about 56% in game completion maybe this is a problem with files?